The Latona Republic

The Foundry, a Latona research installation.

The Latona Republic is a magocracy, devoted to the ideals of law, order, and human exceptionalism. On a personal level, Latona are highly pragmatic; their philosophy with regard to tools and weapons tends to emphasize function over form. For disciplines such as architecture or clothing, the primary function is the inspiration of awe. Official buildings will often have sweeping archways, sheer, seamless walls engineered with magic, and cavernous grand halls, all to draw attention to the might and glory of the Republic. Their elite police force, the Domestic Enforcers, have earned the moniker "Silvercloaks" for their uniform, which prominently displays capes fashioned from silvered cloth. The private underground laboratories and warrens of the ruling Shapers dispense with the drama, being almost brutally economical in their design.

The Ruling Factions

The Republic is governed by a Council, whose members are elected from among the ranks of its three branches: the Shapers, the Agents, and the Guardians. Each branch has its own duties and maintains its own chain of command, but the large-scale policy decisions come down from the Council. As expected from any sufficiently large organization of wizards, the power struggles between the branches and among Council members are many and widespread, but only behind closed doors. To the uninitiated, there is but one power with three faces, all of which are ultimately Latona.

While Republic officials are elected, only those trained in wizardry at Republic-sanctioned Academies are considered to be true citizens with the right to vote, run for office, or be tried by a jury.

The Shapers

If you ask any non-citizen for the archetypical Latona, chances are they will think of a Shaper. These are the archmages, true wizards, artificers, researchers, and scholars of the Republic. Clad in sweeping robes that are kept fastidiously clean, Shapers spend most of their time doing independent research or pursuing Council-ordained projects in underground labs scattered throughout Latona territory. A Shaper on field work is notable, and usually indicates the need for arcane expertise that an Agent does not possess.

The Shapers also create and maintain the Republic's standing army of magically grown monsters. The secret of this practice is the most jealously guarded piece of information in the world—just attempting to look into the practice of Shaping a new life form is grounds for immediate execution, either publicly by a Silvercloak in the day or privately by an Agent in the night. The Shapers work tirelessly to refine and perfect their designs.

The Agents

If the Shapers are the mind behind the Latona, then the Agents are its eyes, tongue, and teeth. Agents are usually not pure wizards; their status as diplomats, investigators, infiltrators, and assassins leads them toward the paths of the Arcane Trickster or particularly agile Eldritch Knight. An Agent that you can see is usually no immediate danger. An Agent that you can't see is death.

The war may be over, but the Eastern Subcontinent is swarming with Agents 

The Latona Republic

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